Ordinary Is No Place To Be

Thought I'd write a quick review to get in shape for this mid-term paper thing...
For my paper, I've decided to analyze one of my absolute faves: Spike Jonze's heart-breaking robot romance I'm Here.
Set in contemporary L.A., (with the existence of random robots) I'm Here centers around your typical bashful-librarian, Sheldon (Andrew Garfield) who falls in love with another robot, Annie (Sienna Guillory). Their romance is altogether beautiful, awkward, poignant and strange, but starts to take a dark turn when Annie's clumsiness costs Sheldon an arm. Literally. To help Annie with her frequent accidents and injuries, Sheldon continually gives parts of himself to her until he has nothing left.

With melancholy overtones reminiscent of Where the Wild Things Are, I'm Here seems to assert the essence of love's very real, and very tragic demands. The untainted truth at the core of this film inherently paints an accurate picture of true love and self-sacrifice. It is stories like this that help us wrap our minds around the kind of love that God has for us. Through image and metaphor we understand these elemental truths.
And speaking of images, this film has some pretty great visuals. The sun-stroked and soft-focused cinematography illuminate an atmospheric and dreamy world, that is somehow both mundane and magical. The animation and effects give life to some of the most believable characters you'll ever see on screen. Jonze has the uncanny ability to craft characters that are familiar, but not stereotypical.

Anyways, I recommend that everyone check out this film. The end might leave you in tears; either from sadness, or laughter, or being disturbed. Or maybe all of three.

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