Motor Licker

More experimentation with Illustrator

Psychic Chasms

I've been listening to a ridiculous amount of Neon Indian lately, so I thought I would do a little tribute piece.

Trembled Blossoms


I plan on doing more with this in the future, but thought I would post it anyways.

Adrift from Matt The Nelson on Vimeo.


Graphite & Digital 2012


Here are a few quick sketches from my moleskine

Animated Resume

I was recently commissioned to create this animated resume for marketing Consultant Dennis Hange. Here is the result

Dennis Hange Animated Resume from Matt The Nelson on Vimeo.

Advanced Development

Here are a few pieces of concept art for film pitches.


Graphite & Digital 2012


Graphite & Digital 2012

Camera Concepts

Here are some designs for an upcoming animation

Adrift II

More screen shots from my side project.

Abstraction 1


I officially started my job as a graphic designer this week, but have had a surprising amount of free time. Here are a few stills from a side project I've been working on.

Specular Reflection

Specular Reflection Digital 2012
Final album art for Refractions. Download the EP here

Tides Will Turn

In the process of doing some work for the band Tides Will Turn : a Chicago-based group that's been making some pretty sweet tunes. Be sure to give them a listen.


Graphite & Digital 2012

Refractions pt. 2

Here are some more conceptual studies for Refractions' new EP.


I was recently commissioned to do album artwork for the prog-metal band Refractions. Here are a few conceptual sketches to get things kick-started. Check out there stuff here:

Contingency Revisited


More stuff from ye old sketchbook