Seaside to the Universe

Finishing the year strong.

3D Modeling

Here are some things I made in a magical realm called 3D space.


Here's a side project I've been storming up. I hope to create more of these.


A background for my brother's youtube channel

Nursing Fail

An illustration for my school's paper.

The Philosopher

An illustration for my school's newspaper.

Hadid Park

Some quick conceptual art for an upcoming 3D modeling project. Dedicated to the great architect Zaha Hadid

Morphology Finished

Here's a piece of what I created for Harvest Bible Chapel. It was a bit of a challenge to capture the vision that the church specifically wanted, but I pulled it off, and made everyone happy. Looks like I have a new full-time client.


I was recruited over the last month to create the graphics for an upcoming series at Harvest Church. In addition to the web banner pictured above, I'll be making the main screen, and a few banners. Pretty exciting stuff.


I was recently asked to do some design stuff for the Indie-Metal band Heartfelt. With enough luck, these will end up being use for cd covers.

New Facebook Logo

An updated pic for my facebook page. Definitely better.

Refractions: Series 2

Another batch. I'm getting fast.

Refractions: Series 1

Trying my hand at more design. Getting great feedback from the band, so we'll see how this goes.

More Design

Here's a little sampling I did for a band from New Castle. There's a good possibility I'll be doing a lot of their design stuff from now on. Maybe.


Messing around with a more fine art style? Not sure where I'm going with this, but I'd like to really start to improve my craftsman ship and pursue perfection...which means pulling out a grid sometime soon.


Feeling the summer heat.

To Touch the Face of God

My tribute to the brilliant mind of Thomas Aquinas.

Moon Balloon

My secret project for the last day and a half. Acrylic on canvas...with string. Click for a larger view.

Enough is the Dirtiest Word in Capitalism

My latest dip into street art. Had to rush the last bit because someone called the cops on us.

Collective Consciousness

A logo for my Facebook page. I'm really starting to enjoy the process of incorporating textures into these.

The Fire Rises

Partially inspired by the tragedy of the recent Vancouver riots.

The Evolution of Intimacy

My love of labor for the past week! I'm not sure if I'll have time to do something this intense for the rest of the summer, so I got it out of my system :p

Steel City

This was our final project for Animation 1. I had the privilege of being the lead animator on this one. Lucky me it actually turned out alright.

More Photoshop Sketches!

I'm getting addicted to these