Another digital sketch. Very much inspired by flipping through production designs for films. And a little bit of heavy metal :)


Here's another piece from what I like to call my "video sketch book". Conceived and directed by yours truly.

Untitled from Matt The Nelson on Vimeo.

Fun With Sharpies

I love collaborating with other artists. I stayed up till 5 in the morning completing this sketch with my good friend Coleson Amon. I did the cowboy, and he did the patterns; we both worked on the color.

Done...For Now

"Lifeline" 2011- Acrylic on Canvas

Starting Things Off...

In case you didn't know, I'll be spending all of January (and a good portion of next semester) creating a music video for the music duo Jenny and Tyler. They rock. Trust me. Check them out at http://jennyandtylermusic.com/
The vision for the vid is something like a cross between Blues Clues and Ryan Larkin animation; it's gonna be a trip. Here's some experimental work I created today to figure out how we're gonna pull this off.

My Friend, Fred from Matt The Nelson on Vimeo.